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Recently featured by _deathvalleynps this is a cropped image of a panorama that I shot in

I am grateful to those who have recognized my work. It gives me motivation to pursue photography and share it through various mediums like social media and books. I am also grateful to our meetup group through which I am able to share a lot in person and serve the community. I look forward to everyone's continued patronage in this endeavor.  

Awards & Recognitions

National prizes

Project Thirty9 

Death Valley National Park

I have won a few national level photography contests in India. I stood first for a Himalayan landscape shot amongst more than 7000 professional and amateur photographers in one of the contests.  

Miller professional imaging is one of the largest photography companies in the United States. They selected Thirty nine photographers from all over the country and showcased their artwork for their Project Thirty9. It was an honor to be a part of that group.  

Death Valley National park recognized one of my panoramic shots of Mesquite sand dunes (shown above). I am grateful to them for this kind gesture. 

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