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Death Valley is my favorite National Park. From sand dunes to salt flats, badlands to mud cracks and canyons to soaring peaks - I have not seen such an amazing variety of landscapes anywhere else in the world. Being the hottest, driest and lowest place in North America it goes through extreme transformations throughout the year. It is one of those rare places that does not cease to amaze, every time I visit it.

Someone has aptly named it Death Valley. A part of you dies when you come here. The dissociation with the material world, the solitude and the expansive feeling that you get in this vast landscape helps you connect deeply with yourself. The whole perspective changes. You feel as if you are reborn. A feeling which is hard to describe in words and can only be fully experienced by being there.

I am sharing some of my favorite landscape and abstract images from Death Valley along with a brief story behind them. I hope you'll enjoy my journey through this paradise.

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