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Professional quality images


World's most comprehensive 

Astrophotography System

Astrophotography is considered as one of the most challenging genres in photography. To produce a high quality image everything from start to finish must fall in place - Right equipment, knowledge of basic and advanced night photography skills, thorough plan of when and where to shoot, right camera settings, photography process and finally high quality editing are a must for a pro-level image. It may sound intimidating but not anymore using sophisticated but easy to use tools from Astromasterclass. 

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Top quality content
  • One of its kind course plus tools astrophotography package

  • Developed by an award winning Professional Photographer

  • Used in Astrophotography Workshops

  • Tools to help start shooting from day one

  • Reduce learning curve substantially. 

  • Take your astrophotography to next level

  • Comprehensive package to help learn and grow for months and years

Designed for
  • Beginners

  • Intermediates

  • Professionals

       (taking up Astrophotography)

What's included
  1. Advanced Editing System

  2. Six Astrophotography eBooks

  3. Thirteen Checklists

  4. Seven Project Planners

  5. Five Technical Tables 

  6. 483 Raw and JPEG files 

  7. Video Tutorials

  8. Email support

  9. 30 day money back guarantee

Complete Astrophotography package 

Limited time offer ($299) - $99

Advanced Editing System

separately available for a limited time offer ($149)  - $49

In-depth knowledge of Night Photography

Learn basic and advanced skills from six practical eBooks and apply this knowledge in the field using specific project planners and field checklists and finally post process your image using the most advanced editing system available today along with our editing guides.

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Sophisticated Tools

Simple Workflow


Learn everything you need to know from six focussed eBooks included in this package


Make yearly and project specific plans using one of the seven Planners


Ensure carrying necessary camera gear, safety items, clothing and accessories using specific Packing Checklists 



Ensure flawless photography using one of the Field Setup, Settings and Process Checklists 

Post-process like a professional using the most Advanced Milky Way Editing System available today along with Editing guidelines given in specific eBooks

Everything included in one package


Learn everything you need to know about Astrophotography from these six comprehensive and focussed astrophotography eBooks. Guide to Night photography, Milky Way, Star Trails, Meteor showers, Auroras and Moon photography - these books cover almost everything visible to human eye that you can shoot in the night sky. In depth knowledge about the required equipment, when and where to shoot, basic and advanced night photography skills, settings and shooting process to finally editing process.   

These books are filled with practical knowledge. Each book is focussed on a particular astrophotography topic and covers everything you need to know in detail. Things like how to focus at night, how to compose at night, setting white balance, checking histograms, compositional ideas and all the technical stuff. You'll appreciate the quality of content.



Plan a perfect photography session with these printable project planners. There are Two yearly planners to help you keep the whole year in focus plus five specific project planners for Milky way, Star Trails, Meteor showers, Auroras and Moon photography. These planners help you plan well by connecting with the rest of the tools of this package. 


This is the most powerful tool in this package when it comes to actual photography in the field. Even if you don't know anything about astrophotography, take one along and it will guide you through the whole process. You can start astrophotography from day one. 


There are so many settings and values required for astrophotography that it can be difficult to understand and memorize them - now you don't have to worry when you have these checklists with you. These highly technical Printable PDF Sheets which you can carry along will guide you on Setting up your equipment, Camera settings and step-by step Process of photography - be it Milky Way, star trails or any other type of astrophotography covered in this package. It is like having a professional alongside to guide all the way. 

In addition to Eleven In-field Photography Checklists there are also Two Packing Checklists - one for the basic and advanced Camera gear that you'll need for night photography and second for Safety, Clothing and other Accessories. You don't want to get stuck at night missing out on a crucial item.  You'll be amazed that a complex process gets so simplified when you have such a helpful technical tool with you. Never go on a trip without one. 


You've probably heard about the 500 rule for shutter speed. Did you know that there are more - 400, 300, 200, 150 rules which are better suited for higher resolution cameras and specific situations. There are Five tables and charts included in this package. These can be very helpful in photography and planning. There are Advanced shutter speed tables for full frame and crop sensor cameras. Tables for Field of view (FOV) and Aurora exposure calculations can advance your photography to the pro level. A Moon phase chart can be handy in planning your next project. 

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Milky Way editing is relatively complicated and time consuming. With so many tools available in Lightroom and more being added regularly, it can be a daunting task getting all the adjustments in the right place. 


Now you can get stunning results in a fraction of time with the help of this advanced Milky Way editing system. Get some of the best slider settings and tool adjustments with a few clicks using the best recommended processes for Milky Way Editing. This comprehensive Milky Way editing system consists of global and local presets along with adjustment brushes that give you maximum control over your Milky Way editing process. If you have old Milky Way pictures try reprocessing them using this editing system. 

Professional Editing Workflow
  • Get a professional photographer's complete workflow

  • Rapidly edit images in a few single clicks

  • Create photos that shows your unique style

  • Hundreds of possible combinations and outputs

  • Global and local control over your image editing

  • Reduce your learning curve

  • Uses latest Lightroom technology and features

Watch Astromasterclass Advanced Editing System Features 

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What's included
  • 46 Global presets

  • 62 Modular Presets

  • 34 Local adjustment presets 

  • 30 Local adjustment brushes

  • Repair kit



Here are some of the advanced features of this editing system. If you have some old pictures of Milky Way, try editing them using this system. 

Milky Way Post Processing in action


This is the most advanced Milky Way editing system available today. With more than 100 global and local presets along with adjustment brushes and a repair kit, it has everything you need for a quick professional level output. Here are some before and after images to give you an idea of what you can expect. 

Preset: Natural - Bluehour

Brush: Core Enhancement

Preset: Natural - Neutral

Brush 1: Core Enhancement

Brush 2: Star Reduction

Global Preset: Dramatic Earth

Global Preset: Natural - Night

Local enhancement (Vert.): Foreground lighten 

Brush 1: Core enhancement 

Brush 2: Star reduction

Global Preset: Dramatic - Earth

Tone adjust - Low contrast

Global Preset: Natural-Bluehour

Global Preset: Dramatic - Mercury

Local enhancement (Vert.): Foreground lighten

Local enhancement (Vert.): Core medium warm

Global Preset: Mono-Neptune


Our shots can sometimes accidentally get ruined either by the red/white light of our headlamp or that of fellow photographers. Now some of these shots can be recovered with our repair kit. Here is an example of a recovered image. 


Complete Astrophotography package includes

eBooks (Printable PDFs)

1. Guide to Night Photography

2. Milky Way Photography

3. Star Trails Photography

4. Meteor Showers Photography

5. Aurora Photography

6. Moon Photography

Project Planners (Printable PDFs)

1. Night Photography planner and events 2020

2. Milky Way 2020 planner

3. Milky Way photography project planner

4. Star Trails photography project planner

5. Auroras Photography project planner

6. Meteors Photography project planner

7. Moon photography project planner

Checklists (Printable PDFs)

Packing checklists

1. Basic and Advanced equipment checklist

2. Safety, clothing and accessories checklist

Field (setup, settings and process) checklists

3. Milky Way single shot photography checklist

4. Milky Way multi-shot photography checklist

5. Milky Way two shot twilight blend checklist

6. Milky Way multi shot twilight blend photography

7. Milky way single-row panorama checklist

8. Milky way multi-row panorama checklist

9. Star trails photography checklist

10. Meteor showers photography checklist

11. Aurora photography checklist

12. Moon close up photography checklist

13. Moon and landscape blend photography checklist 

Reference tables (Printable PDFs)

1. Shutter speed table full sensor

2. Shutter speed table crop sensor

3. Field of view (FOV) table

4. Auroras exposure table

5. Moon phase table 2020

Milky Way Advanced Editing System

Editing tools: 

46 Global presets

62 Modular Presets

34 Local Adjustment Presets

30 Local Adjustment Brushes

Repair Kit

EGuides: (Printable PDFs)

1. How to download and install this pack 

2. How to use the Milky Way advanced editing system


1. Post processing Milky Way using AMC presets

2. Post processing Milky Way using AMC modular workflow

3. How to use AMC Brushes

4. How to create Panoramas

5. Multiple image stacking with Starry landscape stacker

6. Star Trails Processing

7. Red light recovery

483 Raw and JPEG Files for practice

This system has tons of content and will help you grow in your astrophotography for a long long time. 

This package is worth a thousand dollars. You'll spend thousands of dollars to learn all this if you attend a few night photography workshops. It is being offered at a limited time reduced price of $99 and that too with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any issues in using this system shoot out an email to us, we will do our best to sort out your problem and if you are not satisfied we will refund your money back (100% Guaranteed).

Get it today risk free for a limited time reduced price offer. 

Circle Badge

30 Day

Money Return


Complete Astrophotography package 

Limited time offer ($299) - $99

Advanced Editing System

separately available for a limited time offer ($149)  - $49

  • Mac & Windows Compatible

  • For Lightroom Classic & Lightroom CC**

  • Works on RAW and JPEG formats*

  • Direct digital download

  • Email support

  • *Please note: JPEG files have limited editing capabilities. 

  • **Important: Use Lightroom Classic to take full advantage of this system. Lightroom (web version) will only have partial functionality as custom brushes will not work here but you can always use presets. This advanced editing system uses latest Lightroom technology. Please update your Lightroom Classic to the latest version. The editing system presets and brushes will not work on old Lightroom versions.

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic (latest version)

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • StarStax (Free)

  • Starry landscape stacker (SLS) for MAC

  • Sequator for PC (Free)

  • Photopills 


Please ensure a reasonably fast internet connection. Download file size is approx. 3 gb

100 customer satisfaction guarantee.jpg

Sony a7RIII, ISO 6400, 10 sec, Photostacked for noise reduction

I am an amateur landscape photographer and always wanted to try my hand at astrophotography. I checked a few online courses and found this one to be the best. I found it to be a lot more useful because of all the tools like planners, checklists and editing system which I didn't find anywhere else. I really appreciate the detailed checklists which come with this package - I can now shoot on my own without anyone’s help. I am so used to these that I never leave on a night photography trip without them. 


I have taken some amazing Milky Way shots ever since I started using astromasterclass course and its tools and have been improving ever since. There is so much content and so many tools to use that It will probably take another couple of years for me to try them all out. This system is highly recommended for any beginner or experienced photographer interested in pursuing astrophotography.


Jarrick Lau


Sony a7RIII, 14mm f1.4, ISO 1600, 25 sec Multi shot Panorama

I am an avid Milky Way photographer and look forward to any opportunity of going out to shoot the night sky. I have been doing astrophotography for a while but since I started using astromasterclass content and tools I have improved considerably. I have learned so many advanced photography skills with the help of this system – Focus stacking for increased depth of field, multi-shot photo stacking for reduced noise, image blending and a lot more. This course reduced my learning curve substantially helping me improve considerably in a short period of time.


I have recommended this course to many of my friends.

tony picture.jpg

Tony Xie

Milky way core.jpg

Nikon D750, Tokina 11-16 2.8, ISO 1600, 25 sec single shot

I have a keen interest in photography and have been pursuing it for a long time. I had never done astrophotography and was always hesitant because of the complexity. I used the Astromasterclass study material and checklists on my first trip to Joshua Tree National Park and was amazed by the results. I personally recommend this course to anyone interested in astrophotography. 


Steve Binn


Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 16-35 f2.8, ISO 6400, 8 sec multi-shot exp

I have done astrophotography few times earlier but was not aware of so many simple and effective techniques given in this course. I learned a lot of new things like multi-shot photography for noise reduction, using correct white balance and capturing foreground detail at night. 


There is so much more to learn and practice from this program that I’ve started going out more often for astrophotography. I believe this system can help anyone grow to a pro-level whether you are a beginner or an intermediate like me.


Art Betts

Milky way Gihan.jpg

Nikon D7500, Nikon 18mm f3.5 ISO 3200, 30 sec 3 shot Panorama

I am new to photography. Though I had never seen Milky Way but I was always fascinated by the pictures I saw in photography Magazines and online. I thought of learning about Milky Way photography and came across this Astrophotography course. I must say it has worked like magic for me.


The information given in the ebooks and techniques given in accompanying tools are really helpful. From knowing when and where to shoot to settings and photography process, it covers everything specially for a beginner like me. The editing system was a breeze. I was able to get reasonably good results from my first night photography trip. Highly recommended for anyone interested in starting astrophotography.



Cap rock_.jpg

Canon 60D, Canon 18-135 mm

Shot at 18mm f3.5 ISO 800, 30 sec 280 shots for Star Trail

I am fond of traveling and photography. Though I think I have a good eye and sometimes come up with decent compositions, I have always stayed away from the technical side of photography. 

I used to shoot in auto mode and was always hesitant about using manual functions. All this changed when I came across the astromasterclass course. Simple and to the point tools were easy to understand for a newbie like me. 

I would specifically like to mention about the checklists in this package which were extremely helpful in my star trail shoot. 

Anyone like me who is interested in night photography should definitely take this course. 




Thanks for submitting!

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