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Landscape and Night Photography Tour

High up in the White Mountains of California, in the Inyo National Forest, lie the oldest known living organisms on earth. These twisted Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees are full of character, and make for an incredible foreground for the night sky photography. With some of the darkest skies in the lower 48 states, you will stand in amazement at the brilliance of the night sky. We will photograph the Milky Way’s Galactic Core as it rises above this wonderful landscape.

The Alabama Hills, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada just west of Lone Pine, is one of Hollywood’s favorite filming locations. The rounded contours of the Alabama Hills appear in stark contrast to the chiseled peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Alabama hills are well known for its naturally dark night skies, which are far away from and largely free of the light pollution typical in the urban areas. We will be doing extensive sunset, sunrise and night photography at various spots here over the course of two days.


Day 1: We will leave for Bristlecone Pine forest from Los Angeles at 9:00 am and reach there around 3:00 pm. We will setup our tents before heading out for sunset and night photography hike. We will pack some dinner along.

Day 2: We will drive to Alabama hills. Setup our tents at a beautiful campsite at the base of Mount Whitney. Sunset and Night photography at different locations in Alabama hills

Day 3: Sunrise photography of Mount Whitney. Scouting Alabama hills for evening shots. Sunset and Night Photography.

Day 4: Sunrise photography and drive back to Los Angeles.

Tour concludes

Please note: Itinerary is subject to minor changes depending on weather conditions. Milkyway photography subject to clear skies.

1. DSLR/Mirrorless camera (with option of manual adjustments for ISO, Aperture, Duration and focus)
2. Lenses - Wide angle and standard lenses (14mm and upwards) are preferred. Fast lenses f2.8 and wider are better suited for astro-photography.
3. Tripod (Must)
4. Filters - Polarizers, Neutral density and Graduated filters (whatever you have).
5. Memory cards & spare batteries
6. Lens cleaning cloth
7. Remote shutter release
8. Laptop (with Lightroom) for post processing
9. Memory card reader or a USB wire to connect with your camera.
10. Torch and headlamp (with red light)
11. Camera manual

This is a suggested list of items (not all are mandatory). Bring other items that you may have.

Travel is included in the tour cost. We will go together in a 4 wheel drive vehicle from Los Angeles. You can also drive on your own.

We will be staying at some beautiful campsites in these locations. Lodging cost is included in the total tour price.

We will carry food and cooking provisions with us. Meals at restaurants (if any) not included.

You'll need a moderate level of fitness to tackle some of the walking/hiking conditions of the region. Bristlecone pine forest is approx. 1 mile hike each way, you'll need moderate fitness and some experience in hiking in mountain terrain to manage this tour safely. We’ll be photographing at elevations of 10,000-11,000 feet, where even short walks can be exerting. We will have enough time on our hand though.

Clothing for a variety of weather conditions from 25F to 90F (Temps at high altitude get much lower than normal in July). Nights will be cold whereas days can be hot.
• Down Layer/Thermals/Jacket
• Trail Shoes or Hiking Boots
• Gloves and Hat/cap
• Woolen Socks

This workshop is suitable for all levels of photographers.

$ 975 inclusive of Travel, camping lodging and meal provisions.
$ 300 advance for reserving your spot. Balance amount will be due 45 days prior to trip date - invoice and terms/conditions will be emailed.

1. Restricted to a max. of 5 participants
2. These locations have less/no phone coverage, electricity and water
3. Keep checking for updates.

Alabama hills & Bristlecone pine forest Photography Tour (4D/3N)

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