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A trip to another planet is still a distant dream but you can always go to Trona Pinnacles for an otherworldly experience. This is a magical landscape where around 500 Tufas rise out of the bed of a lake which dried 5000 years ago. This amazing landscape has been featured in Sci-Fi movies like Star trek and Planet of Apes.

Situated in Southern California near the town of Trona, Trona Pinnacles offer endless photography opportunities. We are organizing a photography workshop around a new moon when the skies are at their darkest. A great opportunity whether you are new to Astrophotography or you want to hone your skills.

This is a great time for Milky Way Photography as it shows up earlier at night and weather is pleasant.

Workshop includes:

1. Astro/Milky way photography training
(Basic and Advanced Techniques)
2. Landscape photography training
3. Sunset/Landscape photography session
4. Milky way photography session
5. Star trails photography session
6. Sunrise photography session
7. Post-Processing training & Practice

Plus: Complete astrophotography course - eBooks, Checklists and an Advanced Milky Way editing system ($99 value)

An all inclusive workshop (what else is included):
1. Travel (We will go together in SUVs/Vans, you can also opt to drive by yourself for flexibility) - travel cost included for 1st 5 reservations
2. Overnight camping (A tent and a sleeping mat will be provided. Please bring your sleeping bag).
3. Provisions for light dinner/breakfast plus tea/coffee will be there (self prep/serve basis).

General itinerary

1. 10:00 am - Departure from LA
We will stop by for lunch (not included in cost)
Arrive Trona pinnacles by 2:00-2:30 pm
Pitch our tents

2. 4:00 -5:00 pm
We will go over landscape and astrophotography techniques to be used in field. Study material and tools like checklists will be given.

3. Evening - explore the area, followed by Landscape/Sunset Photography Session.

4. Dinner

5. Milky Way Photography Session (8:30-11:30 pm)

6. Return to camp site and rest / optional star trail photography at campsite.

7. 5:45 am - Head out for sunrise photography

8. 7:00 am return to campsite

9. Rest for sometime - freshen up / Breakfast

10. 11:00 am - Drive back to LA

Stop by for lunch (not included in cost)
We will also do post processing here
Learn how to use the editing system included in this package.
1. Milky Way images
2. Star Trails processing
3. Landscape shots

11. Reach LA by 5:00

Workshop concludes

Note: Itinerary is subject to minor time changes.

What to bring along:
1. DSLR/Mirrorless camera (with option of manual adjustments for ISO, Aperture, Duration and focus).
2. Lenses - Wide angle and std lenses (14mm and upwards) are preferred. Fast lenses f2.8 and wider are better suited for astro-photography.
3. Tripod (Must)
4. Filters - Polarizers, Neutral density and Graduated filters (whatever you have).
5. Memory cards & spare batteries (star trail photography will be 1-3 hours long and will consume at least one battery, with around 100-300 shots on memory card.)
6. Lens cleaning cloth
7. Remote shutter release - (Must)
8. Charged laptop (with Lightroom) for post processing
9. Memory card reader or a USB wire to connect with your camera.
10. Headlamp (with red light) - Must

This is a suggested list of items (not all are mandatory).

You must be able to walk around with your camera gear (carry a backpack).

This Workshop is suitable for all levels of photographers.


Cost: $495
(Included Travel, Camping lodging and food/snacks at campsite)
$ 200 to reserve your spot, balance due 60 days before workshop

1. Trona Pinnacles has no phone coverage, electricity and water.
2. Program subject to change - keep checking for updates.
3. Invoice/Terms & conditions will be emailed.


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